Call for Applications: 5th Tbilisi Biennale of Stage DesignCall for Applications: 5th Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design The Valerian Gunia Union of Young …2024/02/02News2024-02-02 14:32:32
Ryerson TheatreCurator:  Pavlo Bosyy  -ლინკი ფოტოზე და ბიოზე Ryerson School of Performance Ryerson Theatre Canada presents …2022/12/17Canada Students2022-12-17 01:09:34
SERBIA STUDENTSCurator: Romana Bošković Živanović Serbia presents video documentation of the exhibition FAMILY STORIES in the …2022/12/17Serbia Students2022-12-17 00:38:01
Ekaterine ChkhutishviliEkaterine Chkhutishvili – Curator • Associated Professor of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Faculty …2022/12/16Georgia Students2022-12-16 00:40:05
Mariam BeridzeMariam Beridze – Curator Education 1976 – 1982                                                                                                                       Education institution – A.Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy …2022/12/16Georgia Students2022-12-16 00:38:11
Irakli Chachanidze – International ProjectIrakli Chachanidze EDUCATION Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia. 3rd year student of fashion design …2022/12/15Georgia Students2022-12-15 22:27:55
Nia NikvashviliNia Nikvashvili • Fashion Designer, A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Master’s degree.• Artistic …2022/12/15Georgia Students2022-12-15 22:23:23
Kyriakos Theocharous – International ProjectKyriakos Theocharous   Kyriakos Theocharous graduated from the School of Fine and Applied Arts, of …2022/12/15Cyprus Students2022-12-15 22:19:11
Panteleima NicolaidouI am a 22 years old Fine Art student. I am currently at my last …2022/12/15Cyprus Students2022-12-15 22:16:11
Yi JiYi Ji Academy of Fine Arts Frosinone2022/12/15Italy Students2022-12-15 16:53:36
Yaqiong HeYaqiong He Academy of Fine Arts Frosinone2022/12/15Italy Students2022-12-15 16:52:01
Xinyi LiuXinyi Liu Academy of Fine Arts Frosinone2022/12/15Italy Students2022-12-15 16:09:28
Rozalia SchwarzRozalia Schwarz Student of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts. Her main assumption is …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:45:02
Kseniya DubiashchukKseniya Dubiashchuk University of Arts in Poznań – Stage Design Studio, BA 2st year  Curators, …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:43:20
Lidia FizekLidia Fizek I am a student of scenography at the University of the Arts Poznań. …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:41:38
Maria RybakMaria Rybak in 2022 I graduated from the University of Arts in Poznan with a …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:39:52
Oktawia WatrasOktawia Watras Stage Design Student at Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznań. Her fascination with turning …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:38:13
Aleksandra WawrzyniakAleksandra Wawrzyniak I am a student at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan. …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 16:36:36
Anna KrajewskaAnna Krajewska Student of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts. She graduated jewellery from …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 15:55:24
Lukasz MisztalLukasz Misztal stage designer, architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 15:48:46
Anna MacugowskaAnna Macugowska Anna Maria Macugowska – a graduate of the Faculty of Scenography (2021) and …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 15:44:31
Mateusz KarolczukMateusz KarolczukSecond-year student in the Master’s program in Stage Design at Fine Arts Academy inWarsaw …2022/12/11Poland Students2022-12-11 15:42:18
Pawel DobrzyckiProfessor PhD Hab. Pawel Dobrzycki (born 1954) is a stage, costume, and lighting designer, pedagogue, …2022/12/11Poland National2022-12-11 14:49:05
Kyriakos TheocharousKyriakos Theocharous Kyriakos Theocharous graduated from the School of Fine and Applied Arts, of the …2022/12/11Uncategorized2022-12-11 14:38:57
Nino GamrekeliNino Gamrekeli Curator Education Università degli studi Roma TREUniversità degli studi Roma TRE Filosofia, Comunicazione …2022/12/04Georgia National2022-12-04 21:25:41
Nika MachaidzeNika Machaidze Nika Machaidze (b. 1972) is a Georgian musician, producer, composer, visual artist and …2022/10/09Georgia National2022-10-09 12:03:47
CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AT 4TH TBILISI BIENNALE OF STAGE DESIGNValerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists – OISTAT National Center of Georgia announces an …2022/10/02News2022-10-02 09:59:58
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 4TH TBILISI BIENNALE OF STAGE DESIGNValerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists – OISTAT National Center of Georgia announces an …2021/12/28News2021-12-28 09:49:02
COMPETITION FOR THE BEST PROJECT OF THE NATIONAL PAVILION OF GEORGIADue to the great interest in the competition and the abundance of autumn premieres of …2021/11/02News2021-11-02 09:53:31
Edit ZekeCurator:  Edit Zeke Head of Department of Scenography of the Hungarian University of Fine ArtsDLA, Habil …2020/10/23Uncategorized2020-10-23 13:49:07
Nino SurguladzeNino Surguladze Born:  1989 Nino Surguladze graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine ArtsFaculty of …2022/10/09Georgia National2022-10-09 12:02:34
Yulia HlushkoYulia Hlushko 2008 – received BA in Economics at National university of Kyiv Mohyla academy …2022/10/21Ukraine National2022-10-21 14:31:31
Maria KrutoholovaMaria Krutoholova Curator: Bohdan Polishchuk Costumes and scenography for the eco-performance The Mermaid XXI. Script by …2022/10/13Ukraine National2022-10-13 14:43:10
Olesya HolovachOlesya Holovach Curator: Bohdan Polishchuk Costumes and scenography for the opera Vyshyvanyi. The King of Ukraine. …2022/10/13Ukraine National2022-10-13 14:39:45
Hanna IpatievaHanna Ipatieva Curator: Bohdan Polishchuk Costumes for the opera Mykyta the Fox. Composer Ivan Nebesnyi, libretto by Vasyl …2022/10/13Ukraine National2022-10-13 14:37:12
Kateryna MarkushKateryna Markush Curator: Bohdan Polishchuk Costumes and scenography for the archaeological opera Chornobyldorf. Composers Roman Hryhoriv …2022/10/13Ukraine National2022-10-13 14:33:48
Lyubov DushinaCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Lyubov Dushina set designer, KharkivBorn: 1983 Lives: Izyum, Kharkiv region, Ukraine Education: …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 01:06:05
Yuliia ZAULYCHNACurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Yuliia ZAULYCHNA Yuliia Zaulychna born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1985. She graduated …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 01:03:53
Mariya PogrebnyakCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Mariya Pogrebnyak Scenographer and puppet designer.Studied painting and scenography at the Dnipropetrovsk …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 01:02:15
Tetyana ChukhriiCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Tetyana Chukhrii Since 2014 she has been working as the Cheaf artist …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 01:00:34
Olena PolishchukCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Olena Polishchuk Art book artist. Active participant and organizer of art exhibitions, …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 00:59:07
Bohdan PolishchukCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Bohdan Polishchuk   Graduate of The National Academy of Visual Arts and …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 00:57:40
Liudmyla NagornaCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Liudmyla NagornaStage designer, Honored Artist of UkraineWas born in Lviv. Graduated from …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 00:55:43
Olga NovikovaCurator: Bohdan Polishchuk Olga Novikova Scenographer, painter, graphic artist. Member of the National Union of …2022/10/04Ukraine National2022-10-04 00:51:37
Tan ZeenCurator: Tan Zeen Curatorial Concept “Meet Every Era as It Seeks Us“ “Let’s withdraw and meet …2022/10/03China National, China Students2022-10-03 16:59:58
collective creation – The VisitCurator: Tan Zeen Introduction to the “The Visit” The Return of the Old Lady reveals the …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:55:54
collective creation – PhèdreCurator: Tan Zeen Stage Design: Yang Yefan-Shanghai Theatre Academy 2018 Stage Design Yang Xuyao-Shanghai Theatre Academy …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:51:15
Yin Siya, Hu TingtingCurator: Tan Zeen Works: YEAR AFTER YEAR producer :Beijing Film Academy Director: Di Ni Scriptwriter: Li Xiaoming …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:48:14
Ye XiaoCurator: Tan Zeen Stage and Light Design of Kun Opera Praying the Moon: Xiao Ye Listed …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:44:59
Xu WangCurator: Tan Zeen Introduction: The drama “Camel Xiangzi” is based on the city life of the …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:42:37
Su FangyingCurator: Tan Zeen Inspired by the Peking Opera “Zhong Kui Marries His Sister”. Based on the …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:39:45
Nurshat AhmedCurator: Tan Zeen Works: Modern  Drama Athenian Agora Director:Wan Liming Stage Design: Xu Dingwei Lighting Design: …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:34:28
Lin ShiCurator: Tan Zeen Assignment title: Dunhuang costume Design   Course title: Art Practice   Author: Lin …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:31:01
Kong JingyiCurator: Tan Zeen Work name: Peach Blossom Fan Grade major:2018 stage design major Instructors: Song Yang, …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:27:39
He ChongyangCurator: Tan Zeen Introduction Name: Madame White Snake Form: Character Concept Modeling Materials:Cotton,Metal,waste idea: The core …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:25:07
Gao SiweiCurator: Tan Zeen Design for Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex, also known as Oedipus the King, is …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:21:45
Gao MinA Midsummer Night’s Dream Stage Design, 2021 Tutor: Tan Zeen The work uses a non-framed …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:18:00
Fu JiamingCurator: Tan Zeen Title: The radio dept band concert Grade Major: Stage Lighting Design Major, Class …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:15:19
Chen QianqianCurator: Tan Zeen A Midsummer Night’s Dream This work is based on Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:10:03
Yang XiangyuCurator: Tan Zeen Design of “Salome” Theatrical Edition and Non-specific Field Performance Theatrical version Through the …2022/10/03China Students2022-10-03 17:06:37
Wei WeiCurator: Tan Zeen Introduction to the Artwork Title of the Artwork: Dance “Dream · Complaint for …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:56:49
Siyuan RenCurator: Tan Zeen Name of project: Hua Hao Yue Yuan Designer: Siyuan Ren Director: Zhuoqun Li …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:53:32
SHEN LICurator: Tan Zeen Modern Dance Now Loading… Director / Solo dancer: Jiang Fan Stage design: Shen …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:49:55
Shen AoCurator: Tan Zeen Exhibited work: The adventure of firefly siblings Introduction of the Exhibition work: The …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:46:21
Junliang ShiCurator: Tan Zeen Stage Design: Junliang Shi Interpretation of the theme The Kunqu opera Gu Yanwu …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:41:47
Hu YanjunCurator: Tan Zeen Stage Design: Hu Yanjun A dream of read mansions / Jiangsu Centre for …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 16:37:03
Ni FangCurator: Tan Zeen Name: Shaoxing Opera “Unrestrained Song of the Green Rattan” Stage Design: Ni Fang …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:57:31
Xiong ChunhongCurator: Tan Zeen Name: The People from the Red Land Playwright: Wenxiang Lin, Shuangmei ChenDirector: Jiansheng …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:41:49
DING DINGCurator: Tan Zeen Name: Joy of Quiet Peace Taydo Set designer:Ding Ding Director:He Xiaobin Premiere:20th …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:21:43
Qin WenbaoCurator: Tan Zeen Name: Yue Opera “Avalokitesvara” Zhejiang Zhoushan Art Theatre Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe Premiere …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:40:43
ZHANG WUCurator: Tan Zeen Name: The Red and The Black Original: Stendhal Director:Meng Jinghui Set Designer: Zhang …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:52:08
Hu ZuoCurator: Tan Zeen Name: Yue Opera “Shānhǎi Qíng Shēn” Stage Design: Hu Zuo Screenwriters: Li …2022/10/03China National2022-10-03 11:47:24
Thelma CassoulidouCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS Set-costume Designer: Thelma Cassoulidou Da, by Hugh Leonard Theatrical Organization of Cyprus …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:36:39
Mariza BargillyCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS The Whales of August, David Berry Satirikon Theatre Cyprus, 2020 Director Nikos …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:33:36
GEORGIOS KOUKOUMASCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS Lighting Designer, Film Director . 1993-1996 Studied at Higher Cinema and Television …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:30:41
Eleni IoannouCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS VOID SPACES Concept/ Choreography/ Artistic direction: Elena Christodoulidou Performance Design: Eleni Ioannou …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:28:00
Elena KotasviliElena Kotasvili Curator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS Elena Kotasvili is a visual artist. She has studied fine …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:25:41
Elena KatsouriCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS Filoumena Marturano Credits: Production for Cyprus Theatre Organisation, 2022 Director: Magdalena Zira …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:23:59
Constantina AndreouConstantina Andreou Curator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS Constantina Andreou is a Set and Costume Designer. She studied …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:19:13
Andy BargillyCurator: GEORGIOS KOUKOUMAS THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL by Horton Foote SATIRIKO THEATRO 2022 DIRECTED BY …2022/10/05Cyprus National2022-10-05 15:05:08
Marta WyszyñskaCurator: Katarzyna Podgórska-Glonti  Title: Longing Author: Marta Wyszyńska Technique: Video / 3D graphics Marta Wyszyńska …2022/10/05Poland National2022-10-05 14:59:46
Katarzyna Podgórska-Glonti Curator: Katarzyna Podgórska-Glonti  Title: 63 kilogramsAuthor: Katarzyna Podgórska-GlontiTechnique: video Professor Katarzyna Podgórska-GlontiBorn in Radom in …2022/10/05Poland National2022-10-05 14:59:16
Pavlo BossyyCurator: Pavlo Bossyy Pavlo Bosyy Associate Professor of Theatre Production, and Co-Director of the Production …2020/10/17Canada National2020-10-17 21:10:59
VOLHA HRYTSAYEVACurator: Lidia Malashenko VOLHA HRYTSAYEVA 1970, Minsk,Belarus 1996 y. Belarusian State Academy of Arts Set Designer …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:41:07
LUBOV SIDELNIKOVACurator: Lidia Malashenko LUBOV SIDELNIKOVA 1967 Minsk, Belarus. 1987 – Art School named after E. Glebov …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:39:10
Kristina BaranovaCurator: Lidia Malashenko Kristina Baranova (1992 Minsk, Belarus) 2018 graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:37:27
YRIY SOLOMONOVCurator: Lidia Malashenko YRIY SOLOMONOV (1975Minsk, Belarus) since 2019 member of the Union of Artists of …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:35:06
Alexandra KarnazhitskayaCurator: Lidia Malashenko Alexandra Karnazhitskaya Born in 1994 in Minsk. 2018 graduated from the Belarusian State …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:15:11
Lidia MalashenkoCurator: Lidia Malashenko Lidziya Malashenka (1992 Minsk, Belarus) Curator of expose Belarusian artist “Theatre distance” • …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:16:57
Valentina PravdinaCurator: Lidia Malashenko Pravdina Valentina (1980 Minsk,Belarus) Set and costume designer of more than 50 performances. …2022/10/04Belarus National2022-10-04 00:18:58
Anett HermanCurator:  Edit ZekeHead of Department of Scenography of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Scenography …2020/10/16Uncategorized2020-10-16 11:15:55
Patrícia PajorCurator:  Edit ZekeHead of Department of Scenography of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Scenography …2020/10/11Uncategorized2020-10-11 19:10:58
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